Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Math Don't Lie

If the Sox win, consider this a practice game for the Yankees!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


In case you've given up on the Sox (in which case, thanks for continuing to follow the blog), the Sox are one game into a three game series at Oakland. That means 10pm games. 

And Breakfast with the Sox for me.

I poured my coffee and flipped on the game at 7:59am. I made Dave promise not to tell me the outcome because I noticed he was on prepping for his Fantasy Football league. (Yeah, he's given up on the Sox and moved on to the Pats.)

The first pitch was to Kalish. He made contact, and he so would have had a home run if it weren't for a perfectly timed catch over the wall by Coco Crisp. Why'd we get rid of him again?  I focus on the TV to check out the beautiful hit (and catch). What do you think flashes across the bottom of the screen?  

The final score of the game. 5-0 Oakland.

So now I have to watch the game (luckily a condensed version) knowing that the Sox blow it. I am having a hard time not viewing this incident as a metaphor for the rest of the season. As in, why are you watching this? You know what is going to happen.

Does that make me a blue hat? 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Things certainly have changed here.

For one, my husband used to hide the remote so I couldn't watch Bravo. He now tells me to "turn that sh-- off," when I tune into NESN.

And then tonight he answered a baseball question and followed it with "I could be wrong about that."  (Or did he say "don't quote me on that?" Whoops, sorry Dave!)

What was the question that stumped the stumper?

Adrian Beltre stepped on first at the exact microsecond Tampa Bay's first baseman touched the base with ball in hand. Beltre was called out. Naively perhaps, I claimed he should have been safe. Tie goes to the runner, right?

According to Dave - just don't quote him - tie goes to the runner isn't an official rule. Apparently someone always gets to the base first, and the officials can always tell, or at least make a judgement, about who it is. To get to the bottom of this I had to turn to google.

The wording of the official rule is, "a batter is out when, after he hits a fair ball, he or first base is tagged before he touches first base." Notice it doesn't say before or at the same time he touches first base. Tie goes to the runner may not be the official wording of the rule, but it seems like a pretty fair restatement of the rule.

Speaking of baseball rules, I need someone to explain what just happened with Eric Patterson and Victor Martinez. Patterson began running home, then turned around to tag up but Martinez was already there. The thirdbaseman tagged Martinez and Patterson... I think that if Patterson had remained on base he would have been safe, but instead he started walking off the field. He was then tagged out.

Too bad bluehats are no longer watching the Sox. I could really use some help with that one.

Hey, I am still learning new baseball rules, so maybe not EVERYTHING has changed.