Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Red Sox #5

Big news in Red Sox Nation today, especially for pinkhats who enjoy public interest stories, particularly ones involving pretty men. Nomar Garciaparra, aka No-mah, aka the guy your boyfriend said it was okay to cheat on him with, signed a one day contract with the Red Sox so that he could retire wearing his old uniform.

Is anyone else hoping we might get to hear that parody of Lou Bega's Mambo #5 on the radio again? You remember, a little bit of Nomar every night, a little bit of Nixon out in right... I loved that.

More importantly, does anyone else feel a little lighter today? Like a weight has been lifted? Could it be because Garciaparra has forgiven Boston for trading him in August 2004, just months before the Sox went on to win their first world series in nearly a century? Or is it because the Sox have welcomed him back with such open arms?

Garciaparra talks about his love for Boston fans in interviews given both today and six years ago. And fans love him back. Not only because he had a .323 batting average (1,281 for 3,968) with 178 homeruns and 690 runs batted in. And not only because he won Rookie of the Year in 1997 and won two American League Batting Titles. Although he was pretty quiet around the press, fans appreciate that he was not only passionate about playing baseball, but passionate about playing baseball for the Sox.

Garciaparra was said to have been offered a $60 million, four-year contract, so some serious stuff must have hit the fan to push him away. According to the Huffington Post, multiple factors made the once popular Garciaparra cranky leading up to the trade, including Garciaparra's Achilles tendon injury and the Sox going after Alex Rodriguez in 2003. If they had acquired him, they probably would have traded Garciaparra then.

On 98.5 the Sports Hub Garciaparra denied turning down the four-year contract mentioned above, claiming instead that contract talks broke down over other matters. I went back and looked at articles from 2004, and Red Sox owner John Henry said Garciaparra was offered $60 million on two different occasions, although the second time there was a deferrment stipulation.

Does it matter? Can it be chalked up to one of those silly little disagreements where no one can remember who started it?* Today, with Garciaparra throwing out the first ceremonial pitch to Jason Varitek, it seems like everything has been forgotten.

And now Boston fans can tune into ESPN, where Garciaparra will take on a new role as a baseball analyst, and have "a little bit of Nomah every night" again.

*sidenote to my husband... I always remember. And it was you.


  1. I loved Nomar when he was with the Sox and I was really upset that they had tried to get A-Rod with idea of moving him. That is until that one game with the yankees. The one where Nomar was pulled from the game and sitting on the bench moping while all his teammates were standing on the top step going wild. Then watching Jeter dive headfirst into the seats to catch a foul ball coming out bloodied and bruised. That proved to me that the Red Sox didn't have the right player and were justified in moving him for better defense, and in the end, a World Series.

    I'm glad Nomar and the team made up and all of that history is behind them. But that move by Theo Epstein is the reason I will always say "in Theo I trust". That was the gutsiest move ever made by a Red Sox GM.

    I love your blog and plan on following regularly.

  2. Nomar is still my favorite Sox player I have seen play in my lifetime. When they traded him, I remember being worried that it was the wrong move, but I also remember feeling like maybe it just had to be done. Thankfully it worked out in the end for the Sox.

    But I still give Nomar a lot of the credit for the Sox two world series wins. He and Pedro at the two guys that built the 90's and 2000's Red Sox teams. They started the tradition of winning baseball and continued success in Boston. Nomar might not have been their for the WS win, but he helped put the franchise in a position to win every year.

    Nomar is still my favorite of my lifetime. Not the best, but my favorite. The best of the last 30 years of course was Pedro. But he is the best Major league player of the last 30 years, and nobody else is even close

  3. im so glad nomar came back just to retire. that is a beautiful thing. i agree with dave, he MADE us who we became. what a great guy

  4. I saw the link to your blog and I have to say it is great. Good luck following the Sox this year, it should be a great season and the rivalry kicks off on openning day vs. the Yankees. Baseball can be tough to get at first, but once you understand the game it is very enjoyable to watch.

  5. FYI: Duncan starts it too, always!