Saturday, September 11, 2010


In case you've given up on the Sox (in which case, thanks for continuing to follow the blog), the Sox are one game into a three game series at Oakland. That means 10pm games. 

And Breakfast with the Sox for me.

I poured my coffee and flipped on the game at 7:59am. I made Dave promise not to tell me the outcome because I noticed he was on prepping for his Fantasy Football league. (Yeah, he's given up on the Sox and moved on to the Pats.)

The first pitch was to Kalish. He made contact, and he so would have had a home run if it weren't for a perfectly timed catch over the wall by Coco Crisp. Why'd we get rid of him again?  I focus on the TV to check out the beautiful hit (and catch). What do you think flashes across the bottom of the screen?  

The final score of the game. 5-0 Oakland.

So now I have to watch the game (luckily a condensed version) knowing that the Sox blow it. I am having a hard time not viewing this incident as a metaphor for the rest of the season. As in, why are you watching this? You know what is going to happen.

Does that make me a blue hat? 

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  1. Each game that you watch from now to the end of the season turns your blue hat bluer. If you watch today's game rather than football, consider yourself a blue hat for life. Congrats.