Monday, February 15, 2010

Meanwhile down in Florida...

The ticker on says 2 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes until Pitchers and Catchers. So I am shocked today to find reports from Fort Meyers. I check the dates to make sure I am not reading articles from last year. Nope, 2010.

I ask Dave what's going on. He confirms that Pitchers and Catchers is on February 19th, but some players show up early. Papelbon has been there for a week. (Did I hear him say "duh" under his breath?)

How was I supposed to know that? And am I the only one who thinks its ludicrous that there is a countdown to something that is already occurring? Will there also be a ticker for Position Players? Cause they're already in Florida too.

General Manager Theo Epstein reported that there were 70 players at practice today. I knew Theo Epstein before this project started-he is CUTE- but I did not know that there are 70 players on the Red Sox.

I look on There is a 40-man roster, plus a list of non-roster invitees. Some of the players at Spring Training, such as pitcher Casey Kelly, will actually play in the minors this season. There is also a Depth Chart, which I will need to print out and study. The depth chart shows the list of players of each position. It seems like the likely starter is listed first.

So I logged on tonight thinking I would right a quick blog about the arrival of the truck in Fort Meyers. But just like the players down in Fort Meyers who were apparently practicing while fans in Boston were celebrating Truck Day, I have real work to do. The season has started.

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  1. Allisun - great work with the blog - Where is the truck. My friends (from the CPL) are taking opening day off from work so they can drink beer and watch baseball all day. You should join them.