Friday, July 23, 2010


We're almost to Bar Harbor, and the cell service is getting spotty. I
figured I'd better get a quick post in while there are still signs of

We're camping in Acadia National Park this weekend- yup, camping with
an eight-month-old. We made the reservations in the beginning of the
season (camping, not baseball), before I realized what west coast play
was all about.

Late games.

So tonight we'll be setting up the tent with the Sox. And if the game
is anything like last night's game, cringing into the wee hours at an
almost no hitter/ almost loss after a six run lead.
Tonight though, we've got pitcher Josh Beckett back from the disabled
list. Maybe a little change will do the Sox good.

Should be a fun one... to listen to on the radio around the camp fire.

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  1. Hey Alli - did you see this story?

    LOVED IT! Now we're talking some pink hat baseball!