Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guest Blogger

I requested that my husband "guest blog" for me tonight. Although I would much rather be writing about baseball (wow, never thought I would say that), I am writing up a grant proposal for work while I watch the Sox.

The guest blogging started as a joke. Now I'm thinking why not? He is a Sox baseball expert, and he is as opinionated as most bloggers (and guest bloggers). 

You want to know why not? Because he is saying no. He is saying that although he is a hilarious person in general, he can't write funny.

I don't really care if this post is funny, just that it is done. This weekend my mother-in-law was wondering about the difference between pitching out of the windup and pitching out of the stretch.  My mother-in-law just happens to be my husband's mother, so it is only fair that Dave answer this one for her me. 

So I asked him the question... and copied what he said word-for-word. Here is his unintentional guest blog post: 

"It's actually a very simple question so you should be able to blog very easily." Heehee, hubby, if only you knew.

"It's gone, it's so very gone!" Nope, that has nothing to do with pitching out of the windup. Or out of the stretch. It is Dave's method for celebrating Bill Hall's solo homerun over the Volvo sign while simultaneously annoying me because he knows how much I hate that Southwest Commercial.

"Here look, I'll show you. You told me last week that you are a visual learner." Shut up, stop trying to be a good husband that listens, and just tell me the answer to the question so I can get back to my work.

"Look at John Lackey. He is pitching to the Angels Reggie Willets. There isn't a huge difference in his pitches, but he doesn't have his full leg motion now that Bobby Abreu is on base."

"The windup is the regular pitching motion. Pitchers want to throw out of the windup because they have better accuracy and better speed."

"The pitcher pitches out of the stretch when there is somebody on base. The pitcher wants to get the ball to the catcher as fast as possible to hold the runner. If there is a runner on first, as long as he has just a little speed, the pitcher has to worry that he might try to steal so he doesn't want to waste time with the windup. If there is a runner on third... hey, stop writing what I am saying verbatim... most pitchers will pitch out of the windup anyway because runners on third don't usually steal base."

And there you have it folks (and mom) - the difference between pitching out of the windup and pitching out of the stretch. Brought to you by guest blogger Dave.

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  1. Thanks for that - never knew the difference!!!!