Monday, August 16, 2010


Headlines today had the Sox "losing momentum".

Having posted only a couple times in the last couple weeks, I can certainly understand that. But is that really what is ocurring?

Losing momentum to me is something that happens gradually but consistently... you skip posting after a few games, then you go two games without posting, then three. That just doesn't compare to what is happening with the Sox.

The Sox look strong at some point in most games.  Like they could really win it, and then go out tomorrow and win that game. Then the next one too. But then something falls apart... think Friday and Saturday nights' games when it looked like they had clinched it early on.

Maybe it's the pitching. Papelbon has replaced Voldemorrt as "he who shall not be named" in our household. Analysts ponder why Bard isn't closing and unanimously conclude that Pap would have a fit if he was asked to pitch relief. Um, why not "let him have a fit?"

And speaking of "sucking it up," what about Jacoby Ellsbury and the rest of the Sox? Yesterday Marco Scutaro was the only Sox player filling his position on the season-opening roster (Victor Martinez and Adrian Beltre were playing, but at first and third respectively). Dustin Pedroia has completed rehab of his broken foot and should return tomorrow.

Maybe his pep can speed up the momentum. Now I just have to figure out how to pick up mine.

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  1. Will, spencerport nyAugust 17, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    Was shocked to learn tonight that Wally is missing from the nesn booth. Maybe that's where the mo has gone. It would seen to me that getting him back in his chair would be a top priority for Theo. You just don't mess with stuffed animals. My eight year old daughter knows that, for goodness sake.