Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baseball Weekend

This was quite a weekend for baseball.

The BoSox went 2-1 in a series against the Baltimore Orioles. Especially good considering the Yankees lost the first two games in a three-game series against the Toronto Bluejays, and first place Tampa Bay Rays lost two the Texas Rangers.

There were a few things that were even more exciting.

Friday night demonstrated there could be four or more outs (sort of) in an inning- good to know in case I'm ever on a game show like "Stump a Pinkhat". Orioles pitcher Mark Hendrickson struck out Bill Hall, but catcher Matt Wieters missed the ball (committed a passed ball) and Hall took off for first. In this type of situation the pitcher is credited with a strikeout, but the out isn't recorded on the scoreboard.

Saturday night Dave and I planned to drink a mint mojito or two, watch the game, and get a decent nights sleep. Our baby has a sense of humor, afterall. The later (and more tipsy) we go to bed the earlier she wakes up.

Couple problems with that plan. One, we've never made mojitos before, so it took a few "practice runs" to get it right. Yes, we drank the rejects. Two, our landlords had the game projected on the big screen (the garage), and after the Sox game ended, they flipped back and forth between softball championship playoff games. I took the opportunity to learn a few things about softball from a longtime coach, and Dave took the opportunity to drink our neighbor's beer. And my mojitos, although he left more than enough for me.

Sunday, following what I'm sure you can imagine was a rocky start for me and Dave, the game was interrupted by a huge clap of thunder followed by heavy winds, lightning, and torrential rain. A huge branch of a tree fell across the street right in front of our house. Once the storm was over we went for a walk to, as Dave said, "view the carnage". There were trees split and uprooted everywhere.

I missed an extra inning and a half, but returned home to see the Sox lose. Checking out the neighborhood after the storm was more exciting than that... but all and all it was a great weekend for baseball.

Particularly if you're a Sox fan... and lover of mint mojitos.


  1. Will, Spencerport NYJune 6, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    It certainly was a good weekend for baseball -- happy the Red Sox won the series. Of course today's day game they lost (fyi - they are a dismal 4-11 this year for day games). We had our storms last night, got about 2 inches of rain here. That didn't stop my wife and I finishing our planting project on the side of the garage. I was peeking in between plantings to catch the extra innings score. When I saw the Orioles celebrating like school girls I knew it was over. On to Cleveland.

  2. Hi Will! 2 inches of rain is crazy! Good work getting your planting done during the game... much more productive use of gametime than mojito-drinking.

    Thanks for the stat about the day games. Wonder why that is?


  3. Will, Spencerport NYJune 7, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    A while back Peter Abraham posted his ideas why the Red Sox are so bad during the day --

    Actually I would have preferred mojito-drinking ;-) but happily I can report that my assigned project has been completed. Of course I am sure my boss will think of a new project to do soon -- usually the ball drops Friday afternoon when I think I am in the clear!

  4. Alli!

    I am a MASTER maker of the mojito and I have a patch of mint growing like mad outside my house. I've done regular, strawberry, lavender and peach and I've had a really good watermelon that I'll have to try and replicate one day. Let me know if you ever need/want my expertise or some of my mint.