Thursday, June 17, 2010

La pregunta del dia

See if you can guess the question of the day.

Huge sportsfans, as well as those with only a faint inkling of the momentous occassion ocurring tonight, have been asking me it.

All. Day. Long.

Oh yeah, this question is bigger than coke or pepsi? Dunk your Oreos or not?

It doesn't seem to matter that the Sox moved the game to 6:10pm so that we could watch both, everyone wants to know which I'll be watching.

Red Sox or Yankees?

As if I have a choice! I'm watching or listening to every Sox game this season. In retrospect I should have inclded a clause. Every game... unless the Celtics are playing the Lakers in game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Whoops. I guess I'll miss the first inning of the Celtics game. I hope they score lots of goals. Do you think Magic Johnson will get any playing time tonight?*

Honestly, go Celtics! I hope you win. And watch out, I just might start following basketball.

Next year.

*Just to be clear, I know that basketball has quarters and you score baskets. There are five (maybe) players on the court at a time. Kobe Bryant plays for the Lakers and we hate him. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen play for the Celtics. Magic Johnson does not. Kisses, Pinkhat.

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