Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the Road

This week the Sox went from so-close-you-can-almost-taste-it to so-close-to-being-swept by the Rockies this week. They haven't lost three games in a row since May 15-17 against the Tigers and Yankees (thanks Extrabases for that stat).

I'll will be listening to the game on the car radio with the babe as we make our first solo trip to CT for the weekend. She's in her Red Sox onesie ready to pass out in her car seat, so this is just a quick post while daddy loads our bags in the car.

During last nights game John Lackey tried to bunt with two strikes. This is weird becaue Lackey is a pitcher but also normal because Lackey is a pitcher. The Rockies are in the west division of the National league where pitchers take a turn up at bat. Players don't normally bunt with two strikes because if it goes foul it counts as strike number three.*

But when there is a runner on and less than two outs, a pitcher will bunt with two strikes because they are usually not great hitters. Pitchers bunt to try to advance the runner. Darnell MacDonald was on first, so Lackey bunted (his best chance for a hit), but hit the ball foul.

Gotta go. Let's hope the Sox keep the (no more than two loses in a row) streak going.

Dave told me that a bunt is the only situation where you can strike out on a foul ball. I just realized that I have never talked about foul territory on the blog... or the dimensions of different fields, or the history of baseball. This last one I actually wrote one weekend when I didn't have internet access, but did have an old reference book about baseball. Somehow it never got posted. As I have got to get on the road, these topics will have to wait for another night.

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