Friday, June 4, 2010


Dave must have noticed something in the ticker on the bottom of the screen. He frantically searched the TV guide using the remote and then switched channels. "Watch this," he urged, knowing I would protest any deviation from my Sox-watching.

Not exactly a "where were you when Kennedy was shot?" question, but I feel like Dave helped me witness some history.

Or did he? We switched channels to the Cleveland Indians-Detroit Tigers game. Top of the ninth and Armando Galarraga was maintaining a perfect game (and his cool). Not only would it be Detroits first perfect game, it would be the first time in one season there were three perfect games thrown.

One out, two outs. Then Cabrera hits an infield groundball. The first basemen Miguel Cabrera fielded the ball, throwing it to Galarraga who had moved to cover first. The routine play was executed excellently- according to every announcer, player, and bluehat I've heard describe the play.

Umpire Jim Joyce said Donalds was safe. Until he watched the replay. It is clear that Galarraga stepped on the bag at least a full step before he reached home.

Galarraga handled it with more grace than anyone involved.

Including me. As I watched that moment in history- a moment that until now I might not have had any interest in, or even understood- I held my breath as the pitch was thrown, cringed until the first basemen threw the ball to Galarraga, and groaned and cursed when Joyce made the safe call.

My heart actually hurt for Galarraga. For that moment I think I was every bit a bluehat.

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  1. Hey Alli,
    I caught the end of that game too and couldn't believe it. what a horrible time to blow a call that they get right 999 out of 1,000 times.
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