Thursday, June 10, 2010


I caught the beginning and end of last night's game against the Cleveland Indians on the radio.

The middle of the game I followed using my iPhone app that gives the play-by-play. Let me tell you, play-by-play is not the same as listening to commentary or watching the game. It's way slower for one, and when pitchers Boof Bonser and Joe Nelson face 14 batters in one inning, you'll swear someone's tapped into your phone to play a practical joke.

It also kills the battery on the iPhone. Unfortunately I learned this when I really needed the maps app to find my way home from bookclub.

Yes, bookclub. I used to have real hobbies before committing to watch or listen to every Red Sox game this season. Not that we ever talk about the book.

Would you call complaining about men and gossiping about sex a hobby?

Anyway, perhaps as punishment for keeping one eye on the iPhone all meeting, the bookclub ladies gave me a rude awakening. "I used to be able to follow what you were talking about," one said. "You used to explain everything."

"Now you sound like a guy," said another.

Okay, I'm trying to become a bluehat - not a guy - and I wouldn't mind bringing a few pinkhats with me. Plus, I would like to stay true to my roots. My biggest gripe with baseball is how the rules and lingo make it inaccessible to people who haven't always been immersed in it.

I'll do better, promise. With the Sox going from uh-oh to woo-hoo, I got a little caught up in the day-today activity of the game. Look forward to reading more on my baseballucation in the coming weeks.

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  1. Will, Spencerport NYJune 10, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    if you get the package you can WATCH the games on your ipod (since you already have the app). now wouldn't that be cool! I'm thinking about getting myself an ipad. my laptop can't hold a charge anymore and I want to watch the games by the campfire without grabbing the 50 foot extension cords.

    ugh, as I write this bard is blowing it in the 9th.