Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Night

It's Friday night, and I'm home watching the game. I could say something like this darn blog, it's ruining my social life. But Vivi is sleeping, and babysitters aren't cheap. Plus, if Supernanny showed up, handed me my coat and a 100 bucks, I still wouldn't know where to go.

So here I am, just watching the game. I mean literally just watching the game- something is wrong with the sound on NESN. You can hear the music leading into commercials and between plays, but none of the commentary. It's probably a pretty accurate account of the sounds of the stadium, since most of the seats are empty even though they awarded Zack Greinke the Cy Young.*

A couple notes, and then I'm going to put down the computer and watch the game.

1) If someone asked you where the game was being played tonight, would you say Kansas? If so, you would be wrong. There is actually a Kansas City, Kansas, and a Kansas City, Missouri. Kauffman Stadium is in the latter.

2) Now that the first inning is over, Tim Wakefield is officially the oldest Sox pitcher to ever start a game at 43 years and 250 days. Notice the word start. Dennis Eckersley was the oldest Sox pitcher to ever play in a game at 43 years and 358 days. Another record Wakefield could break: he only needs 18 more wins to set the record for most wins of any pitcher. He would pass Roger Clemens and Cy Young, who are currently tied for the record.

If you're watching the game, enjoy and Go Sox! If you're out, have a drink for me.

*The Cy Young is awarded to the best pitcher in each league, as determined by a group of sports writers. It's named after Cy Young, who was both the "winningest" and "losingest" pitcher of all time. Does that just mean he played the most games? Still researching that one.

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