Friday, April 16, 2010

Scoring Position

It was brought to my attention, in a comment by Dave, that my last post contained an inaccuracy. I'm sure more could be found (think "what's wrong with this picture?" from Highlights magazine), but this blip changed the meaning of an *important* baseball definition.

When describing on-base percentage, I loosely wrote "anytime a player gets in scoring position" to differentiate between players getting credit towards OBP vs. hits. I wrongly assumed scoring position meant anytime a player got on base.

Nope, in baseball scoring position means a player is on second or third base- bases a player could reach home from on a single.

It's somewhat ironic to be defining this after the Red Sox were shut out yesterday by the Twins, even with two men on base in the first, runners on the corners in the second... and bases loaded in the eighth. Hopefully the Sox won't leave as many runners in scoring position tonight, but it's probable that they will be playing sans base-stealer Jacoby Ellsbury. Mike Cameron, who hasn't exactly been driving in the runs this season, also seems to be headed for the DL with a mysterious abdomen ache. Left and center fielders out... ouch.

Back to my own shortcomings. I was well aware that beginning this blog would provide another forum for Dave to comment on my pinkhattedness. However, I didn't realize that the public nature of the forum would require him to be so nice about it.

I'm tempted to write about whether this puts Dave in scoring position. I even thought about titling this post "that's what she said," but I really would love to write an entire post on baseball

Let's just say I like the way he put it.

That's what she said?

*Yes, I'm aware of the two different uses of this term.

**I'm not sure it will happen though, as my mom-in-law and her boss are loyal readers, and my mom checks in periodically to tell me I shouldn't be posting pics of her grandaughter on the Internet.


  1. One could argue that Jacoby Ellsbury is able to score from first base on a single, if it's hit just right. So, maybe scoring position should include first base as well.

  2. Thanks Section 36! Every baseball rule needs an exception!