Monday, April 19, 2010

Too Much Sox

Way too much Sox this weekend.

I should have know I was in for it when Friday's game was suspended due to rain, with eight and a half innings against the Tampa Bay Rays complete and the game tied 1-1. It was picked up Saturday night, sans closer Jonathan Papelbon who was welcoming his second child Gunner to Red Sox Nation and the rest of the outside world. Three and a half innings later, the Rays beat the sox 3-1.

So Saturday's game didn't begin until sometime after 9pm and was only in the seventh with the Sox losing 6-1 when I went to sleep sometime after 11pm. Had I stayed up through the bottom of the seventh, when the Sox rallied (really when Dustin Pedroia rallied with another 2-run homerun), I probably would have made it to the end of the game. Instead I woke up Sunday morning and watched the replay. The Sox lost again 6-5.

This meant it was only a matter of hours between the end of Saturday's game and the beginning of Sunday's. We were headed to a parade and a barbeque, so I took in the game in a combination of iPhone app, television, and am radio. So even though I know the Sox end up losing 7-1, I didn't really pay enough attention to the game, so now I'm watching Breakfast with the Sox.

Which really sucks for two reasons. One, watching the replay when you know the negative outcome of the game is not fun. Two, it's Patriots Day which means another game starts in two hours.


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  2. Will Haines, Spencerport NYApril 20, 2010 at 6:07 AM

    You are certainly paying your dues watching the Sox play during this dismal slump. Enduring these games alone earns you a blue hat in my book. Let's hope the Sox can turn it around. Watching them lose miserably on Patriots day feels like Christmas was cancelled.

  3. As a loyal transplanted sox fan with a wife who's slowly converting to the blue hat status, I'm very appreciative of your blog. It's full of great wit and humor, making it fun to read, and it's always worth reading. It's also fun, as someone who's been a fan from birth, to watch someone work their way through the particulars of this complex sport. keep up the good work.