Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stream of Baseball Consciouness

Just so you understand how my brain works, here are my notes from the
bottom of the Seventh Inning:

Pedroia just hit a homer- looked way foul from here- that brought in Scutaro, who singled up the middle. Tie game! 7-7.

Youkilis is up. What's up with the Biz Markie "Say you're Just a Friend" up-to-plate music? Looked like he might hit one out and keep alive Dave's dream for a Cycle on Opening Day. With him here to see it.

Ortiz up. ("Wild Thing in case you're wondering.) Wait, Ortiz still up and the runner came home- something about a wild pitch and a passed ball. If I was watching from home I would be all over Google.

I think the DJ likes Dirty Dancing as much as I do!

Joba Chamberlain in to pitch for the Yankees- draws quite the boos from Red Sox (and Yankee) fans.

Ortiz walked and Beltre grounded out. Fielders choice- what is that again? Maybe I should make notecards.

8-7. Inning's over and Bard is coming in to pitch for the Sox. That's the most I've ever paid attention to an inning of baseball in my life.

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