Saturday, April 24, 2010

Save Situation

The score is 7 Red Sox, Orioles 4. Jonathan Papelbon touches the ball to his glove, lifts his leg, draws back his arm....

Hold on a second. I thought Pap was the closer, the pitcher only used in a save situation. The Sox are winning by 3. What gives?

If the tying run is on base, at bat, or on deck, it's considered a save situation.

Because a save is an official scoring term, even when meeting this criteria, its only a save situation if the final pitcher of the game is brought in.

The Sox just won 7-6. Papelbon only pitched two thirds of one inning and allowed two runs.

But somehow he saved the game?


  1. Here's a highlight clip from the game...


  2. Nice Will! Great video and I liked your commentating :) Hope you enjoyed the game and the rest of your trip to Boston. Glad the Sox could win one for you.

    Thanks for sharing, Alli

  3. Thanks Alli -- did have a great time! Went to both weekend games, Sunday was a great game despite the final score. I just love Fenway so much - best ballpark in all of baseball.

    I am currently suffering from Fenway withdrawal as I watch tonight's game in Toronto via I've been to the Rogers Center and, no offense to our brethren to the North, but it is just so much different than Fenway. It's industrial, artificial, and no one is there! I guess everyone is watching hockey.

  4. Even though I'm a pinkhat, I can relate to Fenway withdrawal. We used to live around the corner and I loved hearing the roar from Fenway in the neighborhood. You could tell when there was a home game because the lights lit up up the whole sky.

    i agree on Rogers Center- I've never been there, but can't imagine going to a game in an empty stadium. And do you know why there is grass and not dirt in the base path? Is that somewhat normal?

  5. Hi Alli,
    That's a good question -- perhaps the lack of a base path is due to the artificial turf -- and I can't recall if other fields that sport artificial do or don't have a base path (ie Tropicana Field for TB, and the old Houston Astroturf). It is weird looking at the Rogers' field - like it is twice the size of a normal field. I'll have to do some research.

    Wow, that must have been great living next door to Fenway :-)

    To Rogers credit -- they can seat 49,539 for a Jays game -- but come on, at least fill up the bottom row! Again - hockey.