Monday, April 5, 2010

Red Sox Win!

In case you weren't watching, the Red Six won 9-7. Pedroia got the "insurance" run in the eighth, by driving in Cameron, who was on second, with a hard hit to right field.

What a great game to start the season and Vivi's baseball watching career!

Back to the regular (non-mobile/ edited) format and resuming my spot on the couch tomorrow.


  1. How did Vivy do? I was sound asleep at this time!

  2. I think it's great you're taking her to the games early! Happy opening day, and what a great game! I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! Gotta love Pedroia

  3. Ur blog is very entertaining! Glad to see u are enjoying the red sox more thoroughly!

    This is my site for a table I built for the sox, check it out! Im sure y'all will appreciate it as much as I do!


    go sox!!! The season will be quite the thriller I am sure!

  4. Hey, you saw a double steal at the home opener! That was a ballsy play by the Yanks and really quite rare.
    I must say, as a 34-year old woman who grew up a huge baseball fan (though I didn't get to see a game til age 6) I can't stand the phrase pink hat or blue hat. I mean, I feel sorry for people who didn't grow up with baseball, but I feel no need to label them! :)
    -Karin T

  5. Karin- I agree about the yucky labels... I use pinkhat and bluehat to discern between those who love the baseball scene but haven't taken the time to learn the sport (me) and those who live and breathe baseball, particularly Sox Baseball.

    Definitely planning a post about the double steal! Thanks for reading!