Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today it hit me. In just one year I've become a wife, mother, and dedicated baseball watcher. It was a nice realization, and I was inspired to write a post about reinvention. I even had plans to loop back to Catcher Jason Varitek and the unexpected success he's been having this year.

It didn't take long for inspiration to fade and for me to realize how little I've changed. I promised Dave hours ago I'd find him something to eat because I haven't been to the grocery store in weeks. Don't get me wrong, he could cook his own meal and help with the food shopping. I just can't gush about how nicely we have settled into married life.

And then there is the baby. For months we've blamed her poor sleeping, excessive drooling, general crankiness, and a bunch of other unpleasantries on "teething," even though she doesn't have a single tooth. She is currently laying in my arms because she refuses to sleep in her crib, which is obviously another symptom of teething.* This means I am typing with one hand - not very conducive to inspired writing and a reminder that I need to hit the parenting books before posting about our easy adjustment to life with baby.

Finally, the baseball watching. Guess how excited I am for Thursday (Sox travel day)? I have plans to watch eight reality television shows, hit the gym, go to a restaurant without sports on TV, and somehow get to bed around nine. Yeah, not much different in this arena either- at least I'm working on it.

So, in the hopes of retaining a little inspiration tonight, I'm turning to Varitek. There was a good article about him by Nick Cafardo in Sunday's Boston Globe. The 38-year-old didn't expect much playing time this year after a suite of injuries and the signing of Victor Martinez. But he's already got four homeruns and some other nice-looking offensive stats. His hard work is paying off.

I might have enough inspiration left to try putting down my snoring daughter and whip up an omelet. Just not sure we have any eggs.

*Isn't this a nice excuse? I can just see the police showing up at my door with my teenage daughter... and me explaining to them, "Officers, of course she was skipping school [shoplifting, smoking a doobie], she's teething."


  1. Oh Alli...I hear ya! Maeve still sleeps with us! I wish we could walk it off while getting lost in Brooklyn/Queens/wherever we ended up like the old days:)

    I was a bit skeptical of your baseball-watching endeavor at first but you always liked to have a very full plate...and you always managed to pull everything off amazingly well. I have faith in you sweetheart so hang in there and enjoy it all!

    Hope to visit you soon...

    Love and hugs,

  2. You and Dave are amazing