Sunday, June 20, 2010


Now I know why there is an all-star break.

It's for the bloggers.

I have still been watching every Red Sox game. Yesterday we went to Cambridge Brewing Co. to eat and watch the game. I was definitely chatting with our friends (New York-based Sox fans), enjoying my beer, and making sure the baby didn't choke on her green beans, so I'll admit my mind wasn't completely on the game. But most games I'm just sitting on the couch, eyes on the TV.

It's the blogging that's killing me.

For example, I really should have posted on Friday about Manny. Manny Ramirez played for the Sox from 2000-2008. He was there for the 2004 and 2007 World Series wins, but there was a bit of controversy around his being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers (in a three-way trade that scored the Sox Jason Bay from the Pirates). If anyone would like to know more about the controversy, email me and I'll have Dave call you. He seems to really enjoy talking about it, although, unlike many, he has unflagging support for Manny.

The Dodgers (and Manny) were in Boston this weekend, and it would have been a really great subject for the blog. Friday afternoon pre-game: will the fans cheer or boo? Friday post-game: they cheered for the most part. Saturday during the game: Did you see Manny's homerun? Tonight: Can you believe the BS about Manny that is coming out of these commentators' mouths?

But I am experiencing some blogger fatigue. I have to learn more about this All-Star Break. For now I'm blissfully picturing it as a week or two. In the tropics. With a beach. And a book.

And no blogging.

NOTE: I am sure this is just a phase, and in no way means I don't appreciate each and every reader and the time they spend with me each day (or every few days as I try to get out of this blogging fatigue). XOXO, Alli


  1. Sister - I truly LOVE baseball and my Cardinals, but there is NO way I could watch every game, nor come up with such entertaining bloggings as you do. My pink hat is off to you for the fantastic job you're doing!!!!

  2. Alli,
    I love listening to baseball on the radio. I've become a Sox fan in the last few years, because that's the team that's on the radio where I live. So, I'm not sure what color my hat is (in truth, I don't even have a hat, to my own husband's dismay), but I love reading your blog. Keep it up when you can!