Friday, May 14, 2010

Ask Me No Questions

Dave worked late tonight, so I did my first solo walk with our iPhone and speaker stroller set-up. I got the usual smiles from Sox fans and grumbles from those out for a peaceful evening walk.

Thank God I didn't get any questions.

I have been so focused on learning the lingo... and I'm not even doing that well. My friend just told me I called a bag a plate in a previous post.  Apparently the two terms are not interchangeable (thanks, Kevin). It's totally obvious because of how they look, and I should have learned it when I was six (thanks, Dave).

Anyway, I have been so focused on learning the lingo that I have been slacking on reading about general baseball going-ons. For example, I totally missed A-Rod stomping Dallas Braden's pitching mound, then Braden pitching a perfect game, then Braden's grandmother telling A-Rod to "stick it".

Luckily it was my friends, and not strangers on the bikepath assuming I'm a Soxpert, that asked the following:
1. Who are the Sox playing tonight? (asked at 6:45pm, and met with a blank stare from me)
2. Did you know Detroit hammered the Yankees? (because the answer to question 1 was the Tigers)

I hate to admit it, but another reason I have been less baseballaware is the local library. I went there for a children's sing-a-long with the baby and returned with a stack of chick lit. I guess I have been missing my trashy TV, and the novels seemed like a nice substitute.

I guess I have to go back to reading the Globe sports section on my morning train ride and on the way home.

But give me a week to get back on the track before you ask me anymore questions.

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