Monday, May 3, 2010

It Wasn't All Bad

After a weekend marked by Orioles wins (and a water boil order), at least I can say It wasn't all bad.

Yes, the Red Sox were swept by the Baltimore Orioles, the team that WAS considered to be the worst team in baseball. And yes, I did have to watch every minute of it.

But, for the first time this season, I started to feel like a fan.

Reason 7,854 why I historically have not watched sports with my husband is the number of calls he receives during a game. When the Sox (or the Celts, or the Bruins, or the Pats) make an amazing play, other fans calls Dave to talk about it. When the Sox are really sucking, fans of other teams call him to talk smack about it.*

I got my first smack talk calls and texts** this weekend. Like I said, it wasn't all bad.

*You know the team is really, really sucking when Dave doesn't answer the phone.

**I will acknowledge that the Orioles scored a few runs (hard not to cede that point), but that is where the "respect" stops, Anna. Go Sox!

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