Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Actually it was quite eventful...

Did I say the game wasn't eventful last night?*

Jon Lester pitched through the eighth. In a season marked by starting pitchers not living up to the hype, and a bullpen paraded out to the mound every game, this is an event in itself.

Plus Lester held the Los Angeles Angels to one earned run, five hits, and two walks... Angel's Erwin Santana didn't pitch half-bad either, but I'm watching the Sox here, not the Angels.

Bottom of the eighth, Jeremy Hermida hit a double towards the Monster with bases loaded, and all three runners scored.

Pitcher Jonathan Papelbon came in for the ninth (non-save situation, pinkhats look back a few posts). Don't you love the phrase 1-2-3 inning? It's so descriptive.

Speaking of the "eventfulness" of the game, I want to say thanks to the guys occupying the seats in front of us. The convo was entertaining when we were eavesdropping, and even more so after we joined in. I'd mention the details here, but I think it really deserves it's own post. (Let's just say if anyone has insider tips on getting into the escort business, these dudes would kindly like to pass the info on to their friend.)

*Technically I wrote that my sister said it.

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