Monday, May 10, 2010


It's 8:21pm and the Red Sox are up in the bottom of the second. There was a five minute intermission while the umps reviewed a Toronto Blue Jays hit off the Monster that was eventually deemed a double, plus a pitching change, but that still puts us on target for the game to end around midnight.

Sometimes, when the games are really dragging, I find myself making up fun ways to change the game a little. Not permanently... just an occasional Wacky Wednesday or  Far-out Friday deviation from the normal rules.

Here are some examples...
1. What if, instead of teams rotating between batting and fielding, one team was up at bat for nine innings straight and then the next team took the plate? Think about it- some games would take half the time. 0-0 after the first nine innings with a lead-off homerun...

2. What if the batters could choose which direction to run the bases. Once they got on base they would have to continue in that direction of course. I'm not sure if all the batters that followed would have to run in the same direction. It might be more fun if they didn't.

3. What if baserunners could catch fly balls or passes. Maybe they would throw the ball into the stands or stick it down their pants so the fielders couldn't snatch it back and tag them out.

Okay, I should really focus on learning the real rules of baseball. I'll get back to that tomorrow.

Unless the Sox decide to make it Totally Tubular Tuesday.

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  1. awesome. i think about this during football sometimes...i thought i was the only person crazy enough to think of stuff like this. some of my examples:

    1) twice a game the team can have two quarterbacks and put two balls in to play. think about the defense on those plays.

    2) scoring would be worth how rare the method of scoring is. so a safety would be worth like 40 points.

    3) veto timeouts - once a game a team can veto another teams timeout by taking some action, say throwing a flag.

    4) one game a year would have no clock stopping. so, no tv time outs, no stopping between plays, penalties would all be added on after a team scores. two minute drill the whole game. maybe they would have to stop for injuries.

    anyway, we are both crazy....but that is good, right?