Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drinking Lemonade

Is this what it means to be a sports analyst? Don't worry, this little blog isn't going to my head. It's just ironic that after one of my more opinionated posts, the Sox do everything in their power to prove me (haha) wrong.

Darnell McDonald and Jeremy Hermida were clutch hitters last night, bringing about the rally that led the Sox to a 7-6 victory over the Yankees. Don't "git" anywhere guys. Sorry I said it. Although Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron should still consider coyboying up.

Pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka and Catcher Victor Martinez met with Terry Francona and Pitching Coach John Farrell yesterday. It doesn't seem like Dice and V-mart will be paired up again anytime soon. I'd like to think Francona took my advice and is simply waiting for the All-Star break to drag these boys to the woods (for a ropes course and trust falls of course, although it's possible more homicidal thoughts have crossed Francona's mind in reference to Matsuzaka).

Jonathan Papelbon made for some scary Sox-watching again last night, but luckily he took my advice. Remember I said he should use his left? states "...his gloved left hand made the difference" regarding the catch that prevented the Yankees from tying up the game. Francona joked that he looked like John Belushi doing it, but so what?

Finally there is something weaker than a run prevention strategy... playing a game under protest. Kinda like threatening to smack your sister unless you got to play with the Mattel-brand Barbie, then telling on her for not sharing nicely (I've still got some beef to work through with my sisters).

Josh Beckett's back was clearly acting up. He allowed Robinson Cano a two run double, and Farrell came out to the mound and signaled for reliever Manny DelCarmen without speaking with the Umpire first. Relievers are only allowed eight warm-up pitches, but the Sox were treating this as an injury.

Joe Giardia is upholding his protest. I bet he would have dropped it had the Yankees won, even though he claimed to be concerned that a precedent would be set.

Now the question is how I should use my new-found power. If I write about how much the Sox suck, how they could be wavering around .500 all season, will they go on to win it all?

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  1. Will, Spencerport NYMay 19, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    I had a thought about changing baseball rules during last night's game (ie, your game-changer post). Here's a rule to consider: if the home team's attendance drops below 10% of the stadium's capacity, and the home team wins, the game counts only as a half win. There is no penalty if the visiting team wins, it counts as a full win.

    Seriously, what is up with Yankee / Toronto / Rays fans? They can't fill their stadiums. A little rain and New Yorkers seek shelter. Maybe we should give Jays a break because the Rogers Centre seats 200,000. Meanwhile the Rays are in first and they can't give tickets away in Tropicana. Put this rule in place and I think we'd only be a half game out!

    It's nice to know Boston fans can weather a storm :-) And fill Fenway. I love the Red Sox.