Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball Girl's Night

My friend Anna came over last night to watch the game and work on her yummy blog.* She has a life, and not a baby & baseball life; of course I needed to hear all about it. She arrived just after the game started, so I easily fell into my old pinkhat way of chatting through the game.

Before I knew it, it was the bottom of the fourth. Ortiz SLID into third base, and I missed it. Luckily, the hit was reviewed, providing ample airtime for replays. The ball actually bounced off the top of the Monster- homerun!

 I made sure I was keeping an eye and ear on the TV for the rest of the game, even when our conversation got juicy- on her end of course.  What am I going to talk about? OMG, the baby drank seven bottles yesterday?

I was feeling pretty bad about not turning my full attention to the Sox, but then it hit me. As a pinkhat, I would occasionally be so engrossed in everything other than baseball, that I would clap for the wrong team.** But there I was last night having a conversation and completely following what was happening in the game.

I even tuned out Anna a few times when the Sox had something going… I used to get so mad at my husband for doing that to me.

Maybe this bluehat thing won’t be so bad.

*, although I don't suggest visiting if you are hungry or have a sweet-tooth.

** Please don’t hate me. It was really embarrassing when it happened and now I am working to prevent it from ever happening again.


  1. Alli I do love your blog. I am trying to spread the word of your blog. How's our Vivi? You or Dave need to show me how to sign in and not be Anonymous. Love you all

  2. I've never been blogged about before! So exciting... nice to know I was being tuned out for part of it :-p hahaha