Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Greenlight

Bases loaded, and J.D. Drew waits for the pitch from Tampa Bay Ray's Wade Davis.

"Do you think he's got the greenlight,"* Dave asks me. I can't tell if my husband is poking fun at me, testing me, or hoping I've crossed far enough into baseball dorkdom** to find it fun to discuss these matters.

Dave guessed that because the Sox needed to pad their 1-0 lead a little, especially against the Rays, Drew would play it safe. I guessed that I had no freaking idea.

Dave's guess was right- Drew drew (oh, fun) a walk that brought in a runner.

Assuming Dave was simply engaging me in baseball banter, what would have been the harm in guessing? Dave probably would have appreciated me arguing for Drew swinging for the stars. Hey, there was only one out and it was the fourth inning.

I'm reminded again this morning that it is alright, even expected to be wrong in baseball.

Headlines today have the Sox continuing the surge, rolling, and just plain HOT. The Sox have two games remaining in the 13 game do-or-die run against challenging teams. For those 11 games, the Sox are now 7-4.

Not exactly what most of Red Sox Nation predicted. Guess it's time to give myself the greenlight to be wrong with the rest of ya!

*Pinkhats, I am assuming that "the greenlight" in this context means going for a homerun. It would be very ironic if I was wrong though.

**Sorry to offend; part of me is holding onto to a pinkhat like a security blanket... or a shield.


  1. the Sox might want to wrap precious JD in bubblewrap - he's liable to get hurt. I'm sure there's other players that are constantly going on the DL, but that guy sticks out - maybe because he was always on it when in STL.

  2. President of JD Drew FanclubMay 25, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    Why does JD get such slack? He's a great outfielder. In 2007, he hit the grandslam during game 6 of the ALCS. He has a great eye at the plate and only swings at strikes. Yet the only one who loves him is his mother.