Sunday, May 16, 2010

What a Year!

"What a year to watch the Sox."

I heard this at least twenty times this weekend alone. People can't help but say it when they learn about my self-inflicted commitment to watch or listen to every Sox game during an "off year". 

I understand where they are coming from. I stayed up until 11:30pm last night watching the Sox turn a 6-1 lead over the Detroit Tigers in the fifth into a 7-6 loss in the twelfth. Today the score is 6-1 Tigers in the seventh. When most fans flip stations (or just throw the remote at the television), I sit here and watch the train wreck.

Friday night provided a glimmer of hope. Slumper David Ortiz hit a three-run homerun* in the first and another homerun in the fourth.** It seemed as good a sign as any that the Sox's luck would turn.

And then there was Saturday's game. And Sunday's game. And a two-game series starting tomorrow against the Yankees. 

Which brings me to another glimmer of hope. Another sign that the Sox's luck could turn around.

On May 12th last year, the Yankees were 15-17. And they went on to win the World Series (hear me out, I'm making a point not switching teams).  The Sox are now 19-19. As Ortiz pointed out, angrily, after Friday's game, "It’s not over after April. It’s over after October.’’

See, there is still hope. 

I think I would be getting similar comments if the Sox were kicking a$% every game. Instead of an "off year" it would be a "blow-out." What I am most enjoying about baseball is the comeback. And the personalities of the players. When the team is a winning machine, you don't get to enjoy either of these. 

Ortiz showing signs of a comeback AND talking to the media. I'd say it is a year to watch the Sox

*Dave would just like to say "I told you so."
**Ortiz's 36th multi-homerun game in his career.


  1. Will, Spencerport NYMay 17, 2010 at 8:26 AM

    Someone once said, and I don't know who, "you are going to win 60 games, and lose 60 games. It's what you do with the other 42."

  2. Well you are certainly putting a positive spin on everything :) You are already a blue hat!